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The king of the monsters and destroyer of cities, GODZILLA, is about to get super-sized and cuddly in plushie form! This Godzilla plush is going to destroy your heart with cuteness just in time for the new Godzilla movie! Kidrobot has got you covered with not only our smaller Godzilla plush Phunny but we also have created an all new line of cuddly plush creatures with shake action including this Godzilla HugMe Vibrating Plush! Each Godzilla HugMe stuffed animal plush comes super-sized, standing a whopping 16 inches tall and is made from super soft high quality plush.

Additionally, each HugMe plush comes with Kidrobots signature vibrating unit with removable batteries for a shakeably soft hug when you need one. Get yours today before he disappears back into the depths of the ocean!*

Shake action when you hug it! Shake action when you clap!

*3 AA batteries come included