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⚠ 10% off the entire store till 7/11! Use code SummerFun2022 checkout ⚠
Funko Grail Blog Post

Grail Security - How to make sure you don't miss Funko product drops

A few people have asked me how we are able to get our hands on some of the pops we offer.  There's a few small techniques, that when combined can offer you some Grail Security to some of your most sought after new releases!

Step 1:  Find a reliable news source:

This is the most important step by far.  You don’t know what you want, till you know it exists and there are a *ton* of Funko updates daily.

I use Dis.Funko.  Throughout the years I’ve been collecting, they’ve had the most up to date content and pick up news other sites tend to miss.  (Bonus point to that blog since we get to see a lot of Oreo posts too).

I personally think Twitter is the most reliable news channel, as Instagram doesn’t allow clickable links and tend to take posts down/ban news accounts.

Step 2:  Set up and email for Funko Updates:

Make this email *purely* for Funko updates, and turn push notifications on for mobile so you’re immediately notified when these come out.  This will help later.  

Step 3:  Consider using a tracker:

Let’s face it.  Most funko pops are sadly picked up by bots and it’s not a fair game without some help.  I personally don’t agree with bots and think they’re a jerk move, especially if you’re in the resale business.  Those that want to pick up pops may need a bit more of a competitive advantage.

Trackers are a good way to ethically keep track of Funko Pop restocks, and get notified of new releases.

I personally recommend Funko Dojo as a great tracker.  They’re currently offering limited invites, but worth following on twitter to see if you can join the great community there.  You can find their twitter here:

Plus they have a lot of cool give aways and are worth every penny of the $20 a month fee when you think about how much you save getting pops from their original release.

Step 4:  Sign up for the Funko Shop Newsletter:

You’ll see new shop arrivals the morning before so you can consider if you want to get the item.

Most shop items come out at 1PM (CST) on the dot!  Funko shop is pretty punctual and reliable here.  I personally have an alarm set on my watch for 2 mins before the item drops every Monday/Wednesday/Friday just in case real life distracts me.

You can join the newsletter here:

Here’s a few tricks for other websites:

Hot Topic seems to do restocks around 6am (CST) for newer pops.  Consider checking at this time if you miss it the night before.

Walmart has an excellent system for out of stock items that allows you to sign up for In-Stock Alerts if you just miss a Funko pop.  These notifications also seem to skip small restocks that are gone instantly once they go up.  Select the “Get In-Stock Alert” and add the email we set up before for notifications.  This way you’ll have the best chance to get your items. 





Convention exclusives
 are almost always worth getting with a few exceptions.  Even if you don’t personally like them, they’re good trade material and tend to go up in value.  ECCC, San Diego, and New York Coming Con are the best.  

  • Know what's shared where and plan your route and time of arrival!  HotTopic lines are always long, so if you're not able to jump in line early, may want to consider another place to go first.  They usually have left overs with their new limitation policy.  
  • Amazon Convention exclusives are kind of hit or miss since they’re so readily available.
  • HotTopic releases are almost always good, and they almost always go live way earlier than they say they will. Be ready for them to drop their items an hour before their posted time online. 
  • Walmart basically never releases pops on time. Expect to preorder them around the time of the convention, but you won’t see them for about a month after sadly.  
  • Anime/Video Games are almost always solid picks if they’re from popular brands.
  • Movie releases for the most part are outdated quickly and do not go up in value
    • Only exception here is for movies that have kept a cult status even after they’ve become “older” movies. For example, Scott Pilgrim pops and Horror movie pops are great pick-ups in the movie genre. 
  • Funko Shop convention releases through the pop up shop good!
  • Avoid 2/3 packs unless you just personally like them. They’re harder to trade and as such normally don’t go up in value.
  • Limited run pops are great! Always get them if they’re single pops. 


Be active in the community:

  • This is honestly a great community of people.  Help out your friends!  I have always had kindness repaid with kindness in this community.  
  • Offer to pick up an extra pop or two if you’re out and know someone you want is looking for a pop.
  • Tag your friends in local small business shops and keep an eye on them!
  • Find a Pop Swap or a local small convention to pick up new trade material from. 
  • Find a local Facebook community for Pop Swaps.  If there isn’t one, start one up!


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